02 September 2012

Day at the Car Show

A couple of weeks ago my sister, parents, Grandpa, and I went to a vintage hot-rod show called Andys Picnic. If you have been reading my blog for a while you'll know that my Grandpa, Bud Bryan, is famous in the hot-rod/vintage car world.

"Bud and the rest of the Rod & Custom staff practiced what they preached. Bud's '29 roadster was a groundbreaking car for the time in that it was one of the first "retro" or nostalgia-styled hot rods." from Hot Rod and Custom Chronicle by Thom Taylor.

Since building his break through car he as sold it to car painter and collector Julian Alvarez and has started on a new vintage pick-up (see post here).
Before we got to the car show I was just expecting a few people from the 'old days' to remember him as the Bud Bryan who built the famous car, but after we got there I saw that not only is he famous in this vintage car world, he is a legend. The owner and creator of Andys Picnic, Andy Brizio, said that he wouldn't have his own fame or career if it weren't for my Grandpa.



  1. I love how your shots are developing!!! (no pun intended). Mom.