05 August 2012

My Weeks in Instagram

my weeks in instagram:
reading classic comics, at the state fair with my cousins, favorite outfit (for now), coffee with my family, at a friends house for the weekend wake boarding and swimming in their backyard (a lagoon/lake), my grandparents, the lagoon/lake, tori and the dog, my grandma, dinner with tori, redesigning the blog, vintage tin, and the lagoon/lake again...
have a great week!

04 August 2012

About Me// Whats In My Bag.


whats in my bag:

1. my knidle fire and case from vera bradley.
2. note pad, pen and my travle size smash pad.
3. my phone.
 4. ice breaker mints.
5. keys.
6. case with lipstick, earrings, & barrettes...
7. thrifted wallet.
8. tissues
9. hand sanitizer