30 December 2011

Coffee Crawl.

   Yesterday my sister, dad, and I went on a small coffee crawl. We had planed to go to more coffee bars but by the end of the day we were all tired and full of coffee.
    First, we went to Insight Coffee, each of us had a cappuccino (i.e A shot of espresso blended with equal portions steamed milk and foam topping).
    Next, we stopped by Broadacre Coffee, where we each had a cappuccino and french press (i.e  A preferred coffee-making device in which ground coffee is topped with hot water. Then the grounds are manually pressed to the bottom of the pot with a plunger- like filter mechanism that separates the grounds from the brewed coffee).
   Lastly, we went to Shady Coffee and Tea, where only my 
dad got a cup coffee.
   Pictures taken by Tori Bryan

22 December 2011

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Have you ever been in the situation where you didn't know what to get someone for Christmas or birthday and only had little time to get something special. Well here is a few great gifts for your friends and family. I hope you find this helpful!
~ Faith
(Have a Merry Christmas!)

 Fossil has some great gift ideas for your mom or aunt this year:

                                       Delia's has some cute graphic tee's for your sister or best friend:

                                                          Etsy has some great handmade gifts:

Made by: Bysiuc
Made by: The Little Fox

Made by: Sheepish Knit Crochet

Gift-cards are a must have in last minuet gift-giving ideas.
Here is a list of great places to grab a gift-card for your daughter or niece:

Charlotte Russe


Forever 21



Old Navy

Love Culture

20 December 2011

What I Wore -- Floral

What I wore:
 Dress: H&M
 Sweater: Vintage
 Jeans: Hand-Me-Down
 Shoes: Target
 Earrings: by Zizi Ukestad
 Key Necklace: Handmade by me.

16 December 2011

Christmas Party at Myrna's

 On Tuesday my mom, sister, and I went to our friend Myrna Ernst house for a Christmas Party. Her house was beautiful and covered from head to toe with garlands, ornaments, and lights...
Myrna's doggie, Winston

Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays from The Shadows of Glitter!

12 December 2011

What I Wore - B&W

What I Wore:
Shirt - Nordstrom Rack
Jeans - Khols
Shoes - Payless
Necklace - Charlotte Russe

T- Mobile Flashmob!

T- Mobile's Home For The Holidays Surprise

I Love...


 I love my cousins Emma and Jocelyn ,here is a tribute to these two crazy but lovely girls.....
Carving punkins with their crazy makeup thanks to my sister.