27 October 2011

Wink of Pink Pt. II

Who doesn't like a bit of pink to brighten there day? This is part two of my "Wink of Pink" series I am going to have on my blog. My mom told me she really got inspired by the last post of it, so I decided to make another one. I hope you have a lovely week!!! Enjoy!
Elegant and Graceful

And who wouldn't want to eat in a pink resturant

Airy and Pleasant

I want a pink mailbox when I have my own home...
One of my all time favorite photo!! <3

24 October 2011


 Do you ever just smile at something because it makes you  happy or brings up memories of something joyful that happened in your life? Remember those memories, and think upon everyday. Because you can't afford to lose something today, that might not be there tomorrow.

21 October 2011


Hello there! I am so sorry I haven't posted in a while...I've been caught up in life and schoolwork!!! (haven't we all?). But here I am now too show you some photographs of my sister, Tori and her friends, from Homecoming a couple weeks ago. There are also pictures of her I took during my moms Antique Fair last month.... I hope you enjoy!

07 October 2011

Spunk Up your Uniform

Do you wear a uniform to school and are just bored of wearing the same thing over and over again? Well if do here are a few tips to staying fresh and fashionable in your clothing.

1. Try colorful cardigans and boyfriend sweaters.
2. Accessorize your uniform with: Hats, Jewelry, and Funky Flats.
3. Add pins and buttons to your backpack.
4. Try colorful or floral pattern leggings and tights.
5. Use clips and headbands in your hair.
6. Try new hair styles every day or week: Different kinds of braids(fish-tale, regular, backwards etc.), Buns,funky Ponytails, and Half Up-Half Downs.
7. In the winter use arm/leg warmers, long socks, and scarves.
8. If all else fails use decorative: Binders, Folders, and Notebooks (I used a coral color binder and made a collage of all my favorite pictures and snippets).
9. Always be confident in what your wearing.

Faith B. (this was for my friends at CCS)

Funky Scarf
Boyfriend Sweater
Floral Tights
Bright Colored Toms
Metallic Flats
Knit Hat
Different Headbands
Pins for your hair