04 November 2011

The Tin Thimble

Handmade felt butterfly.

Really cool retro fabric
   So mom and I went to High Hand Nursery today, in there are some mini shops and an art gallery, one of the shops in there is The Tin Thimble.  The Tin Thimble is a small family owned fabric/sewing store, it has lots of vintage fabric, patterns, and supplies. I even signed up for one of their classes in December.  Here's a few snippets from around the shop for you.
Rolled up wool.
Form for the class in December


  1. Great shots...the store is great wasnt it? Cant wait for you to take the class.

  2. I am so glad you were able to go check out High Hand with your Mom. Too bad Arica and I were not there to say Hi! Maybe next time. :0) I love The Tin Thimble. What class are you taking? Terry

  3. Hi Terry, yes The Tin Thimble was great! The class I'm taking is how to make a skirt