24 November 2011

Thankful for....

  • A dad who teaches me about God, coffee, books, and always has time to make me laugh
  • A mom who shows me the ways of antiquing, thrifting, and how to become be a Godly young woman
  • A sister who sometimes annoys the heck out of me but can sometimes read my mind
  • An aunt who always makes me laugh
  • A grandma who teaches how to bake: cookies, pies, fudge, shortbread every Thanksgiving season
  • A grandpa who teaches me about vintage cars and airplanes
  • A best friend and god-sister who is exactly like me but also completely different, and can always understand my problems
  • Another best friend and god-sister who is the most kind, loyal, loving, and goofy person I know
  • A god-brother who can be a brat but so caring and kind
  • A god-mom who always wants to know how your doing and if your o.k
  • A god-father who is one of the funniest person I can think of
  • Friends from my old school who still ask how I am and wondering what I'm up to
  • A church family who cares for me
  • A roof over my head and food in my body
  • A dog who I can talk to that doesn't judge or talk back
  • God the father who saved me for sins...


  1. Have a great day lil Faith! I hope to see you some time this weekend. Love, Terry

  2. Happy Thanksgiving dear one! I think you're doing fine :)