08 September 2011

The Gypsy Traders

Our guest speaker talking about his coin collection and family business Land Park Gold and Silver
Sara and Shelley Surratt

Mom taling with Mona from Gatherings.
All the Lady's talking to our Speaker after his Presentation
Beautiful Boards Made by one of our resident artist Shelley Surratt
Our Raffle Ticket Winner Holding Up their ew Crystle

Quilt partly made by Lindy Munday our One and Only President
All the Lady's Listening to Shelly talk about our Country Store
Terry Ryan chattin Away!
Sign in Table
People Catching up After our Summer Break.
Our Back to School Table Decorations
More Decorations
Even More Decorations!
Button Cookies
Red Velvet Cake Cupcakes with Mini Flags
All our Goodies!
Mom and Sarah
The Gypsy Traders is a group of women that get to gather once a month and visit and talk to one another, the Gypsy's also have speakers that show there collections of their antique treasures. My mom joined the Gypsy's in 2009 and invited me to join in 2010. Mom and I enjoy it allot! We love hearing all the stories and seeing all the items from the past. Here are some pictures from our latest meeting!

The Gypsy Traders is not open to the public.


  1. I Love Love Love what you have created! Wonderful post, I love the glitter pics on the side bar... I am very impressed ❤ Jacque

  2. Thanks Jacque for your comment your the first one too, besides my mom! See you next Saturday.