20 January 2012

My Friday

Today was a very exciting day.
First my dad took my sister and I to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned (not the exciting part of the day).
Next we went to Win-co.
Then he took us home and our mom took us to the salon and yes I went for it and the hairstylist cut 8.5in of my hair (and I love it!!!).
Then my mom had to go to the mall to do her vendor job, and my sister went shopping. Yes more than half the time we had was wasted on trying to find H&M and Jamba Juice.
(some pictures of today for you)

At the hair salon.
Tori got her hair cut too.
After Win-co


  1. Sounds like you had a fun day and your hair looks fantastic! :)

  2. Love the post...Glad you took the plunge!!!

  3. Hello from Australia,

    I stumbled upon your blog after googling "Tony Hadley," who is the singer from Spandau Ballet, who sung "Gold" (and "True").

    And January 20 is my birthday. How about that?